Here Is The Reason Why Smaller Airplanes Are Better Than Bigger Airplanes For The Airline Industry


In an unusual turn of events, more than 1200 orders for the 787 Dreamliner were received by the Boeing. On the other hand, Airbus is producing just one A380 each month, making us wonder why the airlines are giving preference to the smaller aeroplanes?

Why are the Smaller Aeroplanes Much Better than the Bigger Ones?

The ginormous Airbus A380 can accommodate 600 people while the Boeing 787 Dreamliner can be used to seat about 300 passengers. However, bigger is not always better!

Wendover Productions recently explained the difference in the philosophies of both the Airbus and the Boeing leading to the production of varying aircrafts.




While designing A380, the Airbus had the hub and spoke model in mind. According to this flying concept, the main hubs will be connected to the smaller cities. From the hub, the passengers can travel further to the metropolitans. A380 will be used for the central leg of the route, for instance, a flight from London to NY. Airbus believes that a huge plane like the A380 can easily be filled up for a frequently used main route.

Image Source: Boeing


On the other hand, Boeing channelled the concept of a point-to-point network. The lithe and fuel-efficient 787 Dreamliner will carry you directly from Hartford to London, unlike the Airbus that would have taken you to London through the New York.


Image Source: Airbus


The 787 uses fuel more economically, at 102 miles-per-gallon per seat as opposed to the 74mpg per seat consumed by the A380. The fuel efficiency is a decisive factor that pushes the airline companies towards the smaller planes.

You can learn more about why the smaller airliners are preferred by the aviation companies:



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