Watch The Life Cycle Of Black Holes Explained In A Video

This article contains certain factors related to some of the amazing processes taking place in space. It throws light on the life cycle of black holes. A black hole is an area of immense gravity that can influence everything. Even Light has not escaped from its force of gravity. They are much more effective and their radius is about 10 times the radius of the Sun. Actually, Black Holes form at the end of stars’ lives. They are formed due to the death of a massive star.

Scientists think that the smallest black holes are as small as just one atom. According to them, these black holes are very tiny but they are massive. Another kind of black hole is “Stellar”. Its mass can be up to 20 times more than the mass of the Sun.

Each and everything is crushed by an incredible force of gravity in Black holes. According to scientists, anything that gets inside the black Hole escapes from the known universe.

They are found in galaxies. Vast researches have proved their presence in large galaxies. Once they become extremely gigantic, they become powerful enough to shape entire galaxies. A brief illustration of the start and end of these black holes, based on their life cycle is given in this video:

According to research, three stages of a Black Hole are detected. As far as these stages are concerned, they are associated with the coalescence of the two black holes. The long inspiral phase, in which two black holes are orbiting each other. Then there is a merger phase that involves where the two black holes collide to finally become one larger black hole, and then there is a ringdown phase, where the remaining black hole emits the gravitational waves.

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