Watch The Ghostbusters’ Theme Played By An Orchestra Of 14 Random Electronic Gadgets

 When an electric toothbrush is a better musician than you…

We’re all guilty of slamming everyday objects to produce some kind of sound one way or another, whether it is slamming the kitchen counter to get a few drum beats in or carefully hitting the glass with a spoon to make a vibrant sound. But the YouTube channel, Device Orchestra actually does this for the whole world to see and post music videos solely recorded with common household devices.

The guy behind Device Orchestra is a Finnish YouTuber who has been creating gadget-powered covers since 2014 of well-known songs. For this Halloween, Device Orchestra decided to go with one of the classics, the theme song of “Ghostbusters” and busted out 14 different gadgets for its unique composition.

It’s safe to say that one electric toothbrush with pipe cleaners for arms and google eyes took the center stage but it had plenty of backup to complete the tone. A line of receipt machines mimics the sound of synths while a typewriter clicks away in the background. The bussing of a body trimmer is accompanied by a nail-polishing device and an epilator (trust me, it makes the deadliest of sounds). While the iron doesn’t contribute much to the song, it provides enough visual effects by puffing and pumping out steam of smoke to achieve that spooky vibe.

This cover of Ghostbusters from everyday household items is definitely worth a listen, especially when you realize you can concoct something similar at home with your electronic appliances as well and jam to it whenever you want. Don’t forget to check out the other covers by the channel, they are just as interesting as this one!

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