Watch The First Neuralink Patient Playing Mario Kart With His Mind

The first patient to receive a Neuralink brain-computer implant demonstrated in a ground-breaking way how he could play the Nintendo video game Mario Kart with just his thoughts. The 29-year-old quadriplegic Noland Arbaugh revealed on social media that the experience was “life-changing” at a Neuralink company-wide conference.

A swimming accident left Arbaugh paraplegic from the neck down, but he showed amazing control while he raced in Mario Kart. During the conference, a gameplay video featuring Arbaugh piloting Bowser in a race versus Donkey Kong was shown. Arbaugh’s performance on the track was remarkable, exhibiting a high degree of control and precision despite the difficulties he faced.

The Neuralink implant has not only allowed Arbaugh to play video games but has also enabled him to perform other tasks requiring fine motor skills. He demonstrated the ability to play the strategy game Civilization VI, highlighting the broad range of applications for this technology beyond entertainment.

Arbaugh conveyed his sincere appreciation for being a part of the Neuralink project, highlighting his sense of blessing. His happy experience with the implant contrasts sharply with the unfavorable news that has recently surfaced about Neuralink, including claims of deceiving investors and instances of lab monkey deaths.

The presentation, which offers a glimpse into the potential of brain-computer interfaces to change the lives of people with disabilities, comes at a critical moment for Neuralink. Arbaugh’s feat of controlling a video game with his thoughts not only demonstrates the potential of Neuralink technology but also human tenacity and the ability of innovation to enhance lives.

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