Watch The Apple Vision Pro Taking On The Iconic Scratch Test – And Fail Miserably

Apple enthusiasts, brace yourselves. The highly anticipated Apple Vision Pro, touted as a groundbreaking virtual reality headset, has faced its first major setback in the form of a rigorous scratch test conducted by none other than YouTuber JerryRigEverything, alias Zack Nelson. And the results might just leave you reconsidering that hefty $3,500 (£2,786) price tag.

In a painstakingly documented video, Nelson delved into the build quality of Apple’s latest innovation, subjecting it to a scratch test that revealed a significant flaw: the external screen, purportedly made of laminated glass, turned out to be far more susceptible to scratches than expected. Nelson’s warning echoes loudly: “Any keys, coins, or metal object that comes in contact with the Apple Vision Pro will leave a permanent, irreparable mark.”

While initial reviews have lauded the headset’s technological prowess and immersive capabilities, questions now arise regarding its durability and value proposition. Nelson’s own assessment, shared in his review video, highlights a stark misalignment between the Vision Pro’s impressive tech and its underwhelming build quality.

Apple’s claims of utilizing a singular piece of three-dimensionally formed laminated glass for the front of the headset were debunked by Nelson’s scratch test, which showcased the screen’s vulnerability. Contrary to expectations, the outer screen’s Mohs hardness, a measure of scratch resistance, fell short, scratching as early as level 3 and deeply marking at level 4—equivalent to the hardness of a copper penny.

While the plastic laminate on the outside may offer some impact resistance, Nelson’s demonstration of the Vision Pro’s susceptibility to scratches and gouges serves as a sobering reality check for prospective buyers. Despite Apple’s assurance of durability, Nelson’s findings raise pertinent concerns about the headset’s longevity and overall worthiness of its exorbitant price tag.

As Apple aficionados come to terms with this unexpected revelation, it’s evident that the allure of cutting-edge technology must be tempered with a critical assessment of its real-world performance and durability. The Apple Vision Pro may dazzle with its immersive experience, but its fragility underscores the importance of scrutinizing beyond the hype before making a substantial investment.

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