Watch Tesla’s New FSD v12.3.1 Tested At Night

The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, is a visionary, and he has stepped up his efforts to market the company’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta software, which has the potential to revolutionize the automotive industry. In an attempt to boost adoption rates, Musk’s most recent campaign includes providing a one-month free trial of the $12,000 driver-assistance system to all American Tesla customers.

Musk has given the FSD Beta software, which is still undergoing testing, a great deal of confidence. He recently published a Tesla video that highlights the system’s capabilities, especially how well it handles obstacles at night. The most recent version, FSD V12.3.1, has received positive feedback from users for its notable performance enhancements and easy handling—even under difficult circumstances.

In a series of early morning emails to Tesla staff, Musk mandated two key changes regarding FSD Beta. Firstly, all new vehicles delivered in North America must now have FSD V12.3.1 installed and activated. Secondly, Tesla staff are required to take customers on a “short test ride” showcasing the FSD features before handing over the car. Musk emphasized that these changes are non-negotiable, despite potential delays in deliveries.

To address technical limitations and ensure a seamless rollout, Tesla is reportedly developing a compatible version, FSD Beta V12.3.2, for wider release next month. The company is also working on integrating FSD Beta into factory builds for the Model S, X, and Y, as well as the refreshed Model 3.

But Tesla’s strong drive toward FSD Beta also presents several difficulties and unsolved issues. It’s unclear whether test drives will be required or voluntary, as well as how any mishaps that may occur during them will be handled. Longer delivery times and dissatisfied customers could result from this uncertainty.

Musk’s dedication to developing FSD Beta, in spite of these obstacles, shows his faith in the software’s advancement and its capacity to completely transform the automobile sector. In order to successfully execute FSD Beta, Tesla must resolve any technological issues, maintain transparency, and allay customer worries regarding responsibility.

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