Watch Tesla Solar Roof Generate Electricity During A Snowstorm

The Solar Roof is designed to get rid of snow coming in its way to generate power.

Guy named Jason just recently installed a new Tesla solar roof. Based in Wisconsin, the guy said it was the first snowfall since he had the renewable energy solution installed by Tesla. He said that Tesla’s description is true for its solar roof while testifying that it really does remove snow on its own to continue generating power through its solar roof panel. He shared before and after the snowstorm in his Youtube video.

The guy started wanting to check how much time a Tesla solar roof takes to remove the snow. And also to see whether if the snow melts or slides off right away. Having experienced it, the guy found out that the solar roof actually can handle a significant amount of snow to resume its electricity generation.

The video demonstrates how easily the Tesla roof produces heat, resulting in melting the snow off the roof, allowing it to generate power. The area’s temperature was proved chilly as the nearby houses and cars had snow all over their roofs, while the Tesla roof did its wonders. So, it clearly shows that it wasn’t just melting away naturally.

If you don’t know, Tesla solar roof is created from tempered glass tiles with solar cells that produce solar energy. Tesla replaced the roof of the customer’s home with Tesla solar roof tiles just in about four days. Watch it do wonders in the video below.

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