WATCH: Tesla Model X Goes Head-To-Head With An Armored Vehicle In Tug Of War

Here’s a question for you: how would a Tesla Model X fare in a tug of war with a military tank?

Being one of the fastest-growing EV brands worldwide, Tesla’s popularity led people to try and test the company’s models against various other powerful vehicles. However, recently people just tried testing the Tesla Model X during a tug of war with an armoured vehicle.

The crazy idea comes from the Dobre brothers, who run a pretty popular YouTube channel called “Dobre Cars” with more than 1 million subscribers. In their recent video, they raced a Tesla Model X against a military tank. The Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance Tracked, or CVRT, is a relatively lightweight military vehicle due to its aluminium armour and has been used for decades globally. However, the armoured vehicle isn’t technically a tank, as Motor1 points out.

The moment of excitement kicks in once a rope is secured between the two combatants for the tug-of-war. The results of the competition were quite predictable. The yellow rope broke immediately under pressure and therefore was replaced with a steel cable.

At seven minutes and 45 seconds into the video, the real tug of war started. First, Tesla gained a bit of ground by pulling the tank a few feet. But when full force is applied to the tank, the 20,000-pound armoured vehicle dragged the 5,500 pound electric SUV behind it, leaving the Tesla’s wheels spinning until it helplessly towed in the opposite direction. Notably, it is a definite win for the CVRT, but not without a fight from the SUV.

In the end, it’s not only a battle of torque but of traction. A hefty military vehicle has a lot more to it than four puny rubber tires.  

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