Watch Super Slomo Footage Of The Combustion Process Inside An Engine

Whether you’re filling a glass with water or sneezing due to bad allergies, anything and everything looks ten times more dramatic in slow-motion videos. So why not check out the combustion process inside an engine in slow-mo and 4K?

As the world moves forward from internal combustion engine vehicles, the four-stroke engine is still remembered for its reliability and durability. Thanks to a YouTube channel by the name of TROdesigns, you can now witness the internal combustion engine in-process and marvel at the powerful transportation machinery used for over a decade.

TROdesigns used a 1977 Honda XR76 engine and replaced its metal cylinder with a see-through version made with acrylic so they could film the combustion process using a 4K resolution high speed camera and unravel the mystery to all car junkies once and for all. Since acrylic isn’t the best material to be exposed to heat for long intervals and at high intensity, they also increased the length of the cylinder to lower the compression ratio of the engine – the ratio between the volume of the cylinder and combustion chamber – from 9.5:1 to 8.7:1, allowing the engine to run for a longer period of time and giving them enough time to record the process with ease.

The video shows the machining of the customized piston rings that were added to prevent breakage. The valve gear and piston move together in slow-motion along with the flames inside the acrylic cylinder as the combustion process takes place. The footage is stunning and is probably one of the firsts which shows the working of an engine in such great detail.

From the movement of the piston in slow-mo to the sound of the engine changing with the movement of the piston, the video surely captivates the watcher and makes you wonder how different processes work inside the engine of a car.   

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