WATCH: Space Probe Flies Past Jupiter And Ganymede


Space technology has advanced at an exponential rate recently. Scientists and researchers are working relentlessly to find ways to have more access to the areas of outer space. This way, they will be able to learn more and acquire more knowledge than they already know. Moreover, this will aid them in arranging more visits to space and discern more facts and figures from there.

Recently, an interesting development in this arena has created hype among space enthusiasts. a spacecraft named Juno is one of the devices of NASA that traverse through space and send back essential information. On 7th July 2021, the vehicle was made to travel in the vicinity of Jupiter’s moon named Ganymede which has ice all over it. No spacecraft has flown this close to the moon for around 20 years from now.

The speed of this spacecraft is recorded to be 41,600 mph and it covered the surface by a distance of 645 miles. This journey is recorded and turned into a video of around 3 and a half minutes that looks like an animation. This animation gives the perspective of flying through the moon to the viewer. There are dark and light areas shown of the moon.

On the moon, the spacecraft was able to locate multiple phenomena. They included cyclones at the north pole of the region, around 8 huge storms rotating anticlockwise, forming into an appearance of pearls, and a few other large thunderstorms.

This famous flyby animation was created by the scientist, Gerald Eichstädt. It is observed that flying this close to the moon has altered the orbit of Juno because of the orbit of Ganymede. Previously, Juno’s orbit comprised 53 days. Now, it is reduced to 43 days. The animation provided information and experience-rich perspective to the viewers. It was revealed that Lockheed Martin Space in Denver created the spacecraft and also operate it.


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