WATCH: Someone Took A Formula Car For A Joyride On A Highway – And It Is So Illegal

News from around the globe never ceases to amaze us. An alleged motorsports enthusiast has taken a GP2 car out for a spin on the highway in the Czech Republic. The video dates from 13th August, and the highway on which it was seen at the D4 motorway, southwest of Prague.

Now imagine that you are a driver commuting along the D4 and a GP2 car cruises past you, one would get startled, and this is precisely what would have happened with several drivers on Saturday. In addition to the sight of it, driving vehicles of the GP2 type on regular highways is illegal. So let’s see what happens to the culprit.

Police are vehemently looking for the man behind the wheels on the GP2 but to no avail till now. It appears to be a GP2/08 car with its sponsorship stickers still on. The GP2 series started in 2005 and ran till 2016 when it was rebranded as Formula 2, which is the feeder competition for Formula one.

Lesser in power and complexity, the GP2 cars still have huge similarities between them and the formula one vehicle. Roads and Tracks report that the GP2 cars were used for just three years and were then made available for collectors and enthusiasts.

A 460 kW engine actually powers it, which makes it much higher than your everyday cars. Amazingly, it’s not the first time. In 2019, the vehicle was spotted on the same highway, and the driver managed to get away with it.

These vehicles have an approximate power of around 460kW with their 4.0L V8 engines, which is way more power than any routine car is packed with. Surprisingly it is not the first time that the GP2 vehicle has appeared on Czech public roads. On the D4, a GP2 was spotted in 2019, and the driver has not been found. Would this offender be as lucky as the previous one? Or is it the same person? It is yet to be seen.

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