Watch Samsung’s New Massive Drone Lift A Guy

Human Flying Drone

Casey Neistat, the famous vlogger and film maker, has featured in yet another death-defying stunt. As if Snowboarding while tethered to a police car wasn’t enough, now the daredevil has pulled off another ludicrous and outrageous promotional stunt that will certainly go down in the history of whacky happenings.

The video seems to aim at flaunting the sheer power of Samsung’s latest drone, as it lifts Neistat and drags it in the air like it’s no big deal.

The man recently quit his daily vlogging after his app Beme was acquired by CNN for $25 million.

Neistat has made a career out such stunts, a more notable one being back in 2010 when he was arrested for throwing a fake baby in front of a subway train. Now his antics of lingering on to a flying drone is sure to bring in a lot more cash along with achieving the intended purpose of making Samsung’s “Janet,” the huge octocopter, famous.

The drone also carried a Samsung 360-degree camera, and the video is set to be uploaded soon.

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