Watch Russia’s New Stealth Fighters Emit Chilling Screech In Fly-by

A new video that surfaced on the internet showing 4 Sukhoi SU-57 ‘Felon’ fighter jets has made one thing pretty clear, that this fighter aircraft is a real howler.

The clip was recorded from an unknown location in Russia, where the fighter jet makes an uncommon loud ringing noise as it flies away. The roaring sound is loud just as the aircraft enters the frame of the video.

Su-57 is Russia’s first and only fifth-gen fighter jet developed so far and is marked as one of the best of its kind. People are suspecting the jet in the video is flying in the skies of Moscow for parade rehearsals. This could be testified by seeing four Su-57’s flying together information in the video.

Russia and India revealed this fighter back in 2010. The fighter jet actually designated T-50 or PAK-FA, a combined project to eventually supply hundreds of jets to both nations’ air forces.

However, India had to bail out on the partnership after having facing development issues and rising costs as a major hurdle. This left Russia to design and manufacture the aircraft all on its own. The Sukhoi-developed aircraft ultimately got known as the Su-57, and NATO forces gave the Russian fighter jets with a nickname ‘F’ started calling it ‘Felon.’

The Su-57 is a gigantic, twin-engine, fully equipped fighter jet with air-to-air and air-to-ground capabilities. It is known designed to cater as a full-on stealth fighter jet, making that enemies radars would have difficulties in spotting it no matter what direction it enters a territory from.

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