WATCH: Pilot Spots Mysterious Red Glow Over Atlantic Ocean – And Everyone Is Baffled

A pilot flying over the Atlantic noticed a strange red glow he had never seen before. Photographs show the unexplained red light. It was also documented on video as well.

Before takeoff, the pilot saw a brilliant red/orange glow, confirmed when he looked at a photo preview on the camera’s rear. There was supposed to be nothing but an infinite ocean for kilometers around the plane.

At first, they appeared to be a distant city or a collection of traditional Asian squid fishing boats, but this was not conceivable here. The lights they saw were substantially larger than the ordinary yellow and white lights that cities and ships would emit. The brightness increased as they neared, illuminating the sky and clouds underneath in an eerie orange glow reminiscent of a large fire on the ground.

Reddit users can’t get enough of the terrifying image. Numerous users proposed explanations for the red lights visible in the picture. The crimson glow results from massive lighting arrays deployed by fishing boats to catch Pacific saury. However, it is impossible to pinpoint the exact cause without a closer examination.

“Maybe fishing vessels have never clustered so much to concentrate so much light? Three possible scenarios. 1. Fish populations down to small concentrations. 2. Chinese fishing boats have fished out the Pacific and are now factory fishing in the Atlantic. 3. Atlantic-based fishing boats have adopted China’s factory fishing strategy. None of these are good outcomes. Good luck to those fish,” said one Redditor.

Others speculated that it might be the end of days. “If I’m not wrong, the first DOOM game was set in 2022, so this is it. There comes the demons. There is the end…” said another Redditor.

“It’s so hot the ocean is having wildfires now,” noted one perceptive commentator.

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