Watch Passengers Push An Airplane Off A Runway After Its Tire Bursts

A video of a bunch of people fighting to push an aeroplane away from the runway has gone viral on the internet, with the clever caption “deflated but not vanquished.” People were taken aback by the incident that occurred at a Nepalese airport.

A wheel on a Tara airplane that had just landed at Bajura Airport from Simkot in Humla burst, resulting in the bizarre scene. As a result, the Twin Otter plane was trapped in the center of the runway, preventing other planes from taking off. Because the facility lacked the necessary equipment to move the aircraft, passengers and security personnel banded together to help.

The 20-minute video shows the brave squad pushing the green-and-white jet down the runway while onlookers cheer them on.

The plane was eventually hauled out of harm’s way, as they say, and all is well that ends well. Then, another plane arrived from Nepalganj with spare tires and engineers. They fitted the marooned plane with a new wheel and flew both planes to Nepalganj.

The video has received over 50,000 views and many reactions. While some netizens expressed concern over the passengers’ safety, others suggested that the authorities must do a complete examination before flying the plane.

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