WATCH: NFL Placekicker Competes With A Robotic Football Kicker

The event finds out who will send the football to the longest distance, a pro athlete or a robotic kicker. NFL Longest Field Goal Record Holder Competes With The Best Goal Field Robot

Robots have been taking most of the human jobs in the past few decades. They have been becoming more capable over the years with significant advances in technology. However, there are still many professions and places where robots are not even near human capabilities.

To test if machines have taken over human beings in football yet, a famous Youtuber Mark Rober took the longest field goal robot to Detroit to meet Matt Prater, the NFL longest field goal record holder.

The first half of the video sees Mark and Prater playing along with the ball, it was a game of kicking the football further and further, and I would have to say that if Mark chose football as a profession, he would have excelled well in that too.

The next half of the video is where all the real fun begins. The kicker robot is introduced to the game, and it seemed like one heck of a football kicking machine. It had two legs and was equipped with a complete set of football gear. Amazingly, it could even do 360-degree turns.

The video was filled with suspense as it kept me waiting to find out who the real winner was. Another fun part was Mark and Prater’s bet made to each other where the loser was decided to be ducked into ice. Watch the video below to find out who caught those icy chills.

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