WATCH: New Lightsaber By Disney Actually Expands Like The Real Thing

Rejoice Star Wars fans for the franchise’s famous lightsaber is finally becoming a reality!

The lightsaber has been in the talks since a press conference titled ‘A Special Look Inside Disney Parks’ took place in April where the audience witnessed the real-life lightsaber, unveiled by the Chairman of Disney Parks, Josh D’Amaro. The people present during the conference were not allowed to take any pictures or videos of the fictional weapon but it’s safe to say that everyone was really excited and looking forward to the official reveal.

The lightsabers are part of Disney’s Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser hotel project which is an upcoming all-immersive experience for all the die-hard fans in a galaxy far, far away. The lightsabers being created by Walt Disney’s Imagineering Research and Development department are still in the works and ‘they’ll be ready for the opening of the attraction in 2022,’ according to Disney. Guests who book for the Starcruiser journey would be among the first to experience the weapon up close and personal.

Disney is pretty good at keeping secrets and so far no one’s quite sure how the weapon actually works (but hey it makes the whoosh sound so that’s exciting!) Like the original lightsaber seen in the movies, the device includes two long plastic semi-cylinders which roll out perpendicular to create different pairs of spools in a hilt from where the ‘blade’ will emerge by unrolling the blade body from it. That sounds pretty complicated but we’re sure the end product is going to be epic! Whether it acts as a real-life sword to cut through enemies (we’re kidding…maybe) or is just a fancier version of a toy sword you had back as a kid, it’s sure to become a popular item among the fans and non-fans alike!

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