WATCH: New Chinese Wheeled Robot Performs Backflips


Chinese company Tencent Robotics X Lab has introduced the first of its kind “wheel-legged robot,” called Ollie. The novel robot was first revealed to the world via an IEEE Spectrum report.

It seems like the new robot is on some steroids for the kind of jumps it could take; it would definitely scare me away if I stood somewhere nearby. And it seems like hitting the gym is one of its routine activity, for the kind of muscle power it packs.

The novel wheel-legged robot can take an impressive one-foot jump and performs a backflip while it is in the air. this Giving Ollie this rare capability is not only the muscle power, but the weird tail also seems to be playing its part in the process just equally.

Jumping in the air and performing a backflip is not its only rare capability. Instead, the robot’s extremely flexible extremities allow it to right itself, roll down the stairs, and also stays right on its wheels when its developers test it through all sorts of difficult tasks assigned to the bot.

The novel wheel-legged robot Ollie reminds me of the US-based robot maker Boston Dynamics, who now and then bring the world with their latest models of robots packing newer features with athletic prowess.

Other than backflipping over a gap, the wheel-legged robot soon might be doing chores for its owners, credits to the length of its robotic arm attached to the top. It enables the robot to deliver stuff around with ease, including delivering coffee to its owner’s workstation. The most fun part is that it won’t make any excuses and would follow commands right away.

However, you would have to wait for the precious and timely assistance of Ollie as the Chinese robot developer hasn’t marked a date for its release yet. Until then, Spot the robot dog could assist you while you complete your piled-up work in peace.


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