Watch NASA’s Incredible Vision Of Future Human Space Exploration In Newly Released Video

NASA has a long tradition of pursuing science and only science, supported by facts and thorough research. Having said that, NASA has never opposed the idea of indulging itself in a bit of sci-fi. NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center gave a glimpse of what they imagine the future of space exploration will look like, and it is worth taking a look.

The Visions of the Future revolves around the scenes of outer space vacation destinations booked through the fictional Exoplanet Travel Bureau. “At least as important as the spacefaring rockets and satellites are the explorer and the inspiration to make the journey,” said NASA Goddard.

Our imagination of space tourism is limited. At max, what we can imagine is watching a rocket launch from the surface of Mars, but NASA goes way beyond in its visualization. Have you imagined floating on an elevated platform through the clouds of Venus, skydiving into Neptune-like exoplanet HD 40307 g or watching the two suns visible from the surface of Kepler-16b?

Well, NASA has.

The idea of the video stems from the travel posters NASA commissioned to highlight space destinations near and far. All of these destinations are real; however, we know more about some than others. The video, which looks almost real, was created using green sheets. Behind the scenes of the video was shared by NASA Goddard.

What is fascinating about the video created by NASA is that it brings humans into the equation. That is what gives NASA’s video an extra edge. Our species may not have ventured beyond our dear moon today, but this video shows what the future holds for us in the years to come.

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