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Watch NASA’s Incredible Video of the Sun’s Invisible Spectrum

NASA invisible spectrum of Sun

You would know from high school Physics and Chemistry that the Sun’s rays fall under different wavelength spectrums out of which, only a narrow range falls into the visible wavelength range. It means that with the naked eye, we can only see a fraction of the Sun’s energy potential and normal people cannot have a clear picture of what’s happening. This is why NASA came up with this amazing idea to make an animation that will allow us to see the different ultraviolet light rays coming from the Sun. Dubbed as “Thermonuclear art”, this video is a unique fusion of art and science showing how natural things invisible to the eye have resounding beautiful patterns present inside.

The total length of the video is 30 minutes and took close to 300 hours by scientists and animators to create the unique visualization of the invisible spectrums. There are 10 different wavelengths shown each with its own shade and offers unprecedented detail and an accurate analogy of the energy coming from the Sun.

So, here is the video from NASA. This will help you understand much better about our Sun:

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