Watch Mechanics ‘Riding’ A Car With A Huge Hamster Wheel

A Youtube channel, Garage54, never ceases to amaze us when it comes to presenting experiments with creative ideas. Their little touch of humor given to the experiments makes them even more interesting. This time, these Russian folks have come up with a mind-numbing experiment in which they made the car run with a giant hamster wheel. The most intriguing part of the video is when one of the folks is driving the car while another person was running in the hamster wheel behind. However, the hamster wheel moves as the car moves, and you can also adjust its speed by increasing or decreasing the speed of the car. Have a look at this thrilling video below:

It can be seen in the video that the folks have also installed bike pedals on the wheels of the car. When the car rides, the pedals attached to the hamster wheel make it run as well. But the folk who was driving the car in the video preferred to keep the speed as low as possible in order to make the ride smoother for the person running inside the hamster wheel. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

The manufacturing process of this huge hamster wheel is surprisingly simple. They put the huge rod through a series of welding processes and gave it a circular shape. It has to be noted that the guys called the wheel a “squirrel wheel” as it consists of a large circumference around which a person could easily run, just like a squirrel. The bars integrated within this huge hamster wheel are attached side by side at a distance of a few inches, so to make a human run inside this, there should be some mesh installed in order to prevent the person from falling and getting hurt. And this is what they did!

They covered the huge hamster wheel with a mesh engraved all across it, and it ultimately made the ride even simpler. Coupled with this, they have also tried to make the wheel move by putting two people inside it, and in that case, they have to synchronize their movements with the speed. However, in the case of one person, you don’t need to run faster because the wheel is pretty large and it gives you the leverage there. Hence, the experiment is definitely a scientific marvel!

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