WATCH: Man Sighted Flying Through City On Giant Drone

Now, all we need is a friendly neighborhood web-slinger and we could have a real-life encounter with Spiderman and the Green Goblin. This man and his video of riding a drone like a hoverboard has taken the internet by the storm. It kind of reminds you of that hoverboard from Back to the Future II, but a lot less physics defiant.

The video was first seen on Twitter with the caption “This man is living in 2030” but that’s wrong. He’s actually living in 2077. Maybe he won’t be as buggy as Cyberpunk because it looks like riding that drone might be dangerous. I’m surprised there is a drone that large capable of holding a man in flight.

You can view the original Tweet below.

Okay, you can’t deny that the hoverboard looks extremely cool until, well, you fall and hurt yourself. I didn’t know this thing existed but now I find myself wanting it badly. Sadly this sleek piece of tech is sold by a company called Omni Hoverboards and it costs around $20,000. Sigh, they need to start paying me more. I don’t think these are readily available or else we would have been seeing more of these things.

Are they even legal to use and would you fly in the car lane or the sides of the road? Only time will tell what laws governments will come up with to make sure people don’t start crashing into other people while on their hoverboards.

Apparently there are other videos showcasing the hoverboard online as well.

According to the company, this hoverboard is the first of its kind and it is dubbed “the first real hoverboard”. The inventor’s name is Catalin Alexandru Duru who also broke the record for longest hoverboard flight with their own invention.

How much are kidneys going for these days?

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