Watch How This Man Converted His Destroyed Car Into A Motorbike To Escape From A Desert

Life is not a bed of roses, and especially not when you decide to drive Citroen 2CV into an African desert. Emile Leray, A French electrician, recently got stranded alone in a Moroccan desert when his car broke down, and the situation went beyond repair. This would have been a call for death for an ordinary person but this real life Tony Stark got himself out of it with ultimate grace.

Image: Emile Leray

Leray’s Citroen suddenly halted in the middle of nowhere, and he converted the trashed car into an amazing motorbike all by himself. Once back to the civilization, the man was dubbed as the most ‘extreme’ mechanic in the world.

Image: Alastair Miller / Rex Features

The 43-year-old was driving his ancient car through the Moroccan city of Tan Tan, but he was stopped at a military check post, and he was not allowed to go further. The adventurous spark in Leray made him go off roading around the restricted area. While driving along the rocky terrain, the car gave up on him and came to a stop after crashing into a rock. The vehicle was left with a broken wheel axle and damaged chassis, and it could not be driven anymore.

Image: Alastair Miller / Rex Features

Surviving on a cache of supplies, water, and tools, he survived a whole 12 days in the middle of nowhere converting his 2CV to a motorbike that he could ride out of there. Now that he is almost 67, Great Big Story did a little documentary on Emile Leray where he tells the tale and shows how he converted the car while surviving in the desert for so many days.

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