Shocking Video Shows Man Assaulting Street Robot With A Baseball Bat In Moscow

Alantim, Russia’s famous robot, just got beaten by an aggressive man on the streets of Moscow. The robot stood on a pavement near the Moscow Technological Institute (MTI) when the driver approached, pulled a baseball bat out of his car, and started beating.

The man left the scene after kicking the robot and laughing to himself, but the robot was heard uttering the word ‘Pompgite’ that means “Help me.” MTI has been unable to track down the attacker as his vehicle lacked a number plate.

The robot was out while studying the impact of driverless cars on roads when the assailant approached it with a bat. It collected data on quality of road surfaces, visibility of road signs, and the behavior of drivers. It is not designed to attack anyone, but it is capable of recognizing human aggression and calling the police. Ironically, it was expected to protect British fans from Russian hooligans at the upcoming 2018 World Cup in Russia. We are questioning how it is equipped to do so. MTI is, however, repairing its famous robot.

This famous robot known as Promobot has caused trouble many times in the past, escaping its lab, disrupting traffic, and even getting arrested at a political rally. Maybe, the person and the robot had some bad blood from a previous encounter? Probably it was karma that the robot faced!

Can you think of a possible cause for this weird yet funny incident? Comment below!

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