Watch Joe Rogan Shooting The Cybertruck With A Bow And Arrow

Joe Rogan, the popular podcaster and avid bow-hunting enthusiast, found himself in disbelief when he took a shot at a Tesla Cybertruck with a bow and arrow during a live episode of The Joe Rogan Experience. This unusual spectacle was a result of a bet made between Rogan and Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, during their conversation.

The challenge began when Musk was demonstrating the robustness of the Cybertruck’s exterior. He had already subjected the electric vehicle to various tests, including firing a Tommy gun and different caliber firearms at its sides. Playfully, Rogan asked if he could take a shot at it with his bow and arrow, to which Musk, seemingly unfazed, agreed. A bet of one dollar was placed, and the stage was set for this unique showdown.

Using a 90-pound compound bow that propels 520-grain arrows at an astonishing speed of 300 feet per second, Rogan aimed for the Cybertruck’s metallic shell armed with a razor-sharp broadhead. As the arrow was released, it created a resounding impact, leaving a noticeable dent in the vehicle. However, the shocking part was yet to come when Rogan discovered that the arrowhead had separated from the shaft and lay flattened on the ground. The Cybertruck had truly stood its ground.

In an incident that sparked humor and interest across the globe, a video clip swiftly circulated on the internet. This footage spotlighted Tesla’s innovative all-electric Cybertruck displaying astounding robustness—now that’s resilience! Notably, this vehicle is no stranger to buzz. Its distinct aesthetic with edgy lines makes heads turn. Oh, and its promises about superior performance? Just icing on the cake.

Let’s have a look at the Cybertruck, ranging in cost from $50k to around 70 grand. It boasts a futuristic design and impressive specs that could alter the course of automotive history. The aim is for it to get anywhere from 250 up to 500 miles on one charge and project an estimated rocketing speed of zero-to-sixty within roughly 2.9 to about six-and-a-half seconds time frame! Musk spilled some beans during the podcast chat; he dropped hints about a potentially more monstrous variant with even quicker zero-to-sixty acceleration.

While the Cybertruck demonstrated its resilience against Rogan’s arrow, it did have a moment of infamy during its unveiling in 2019 when the windows unexpectedly cracked due to a steel ball impact. Despite this hiccup, it has continued to generate interest, with millions of reservations made for the vehicle.

In the world of unconventional tests and memorable challenges, Joe Rogan’s attempt to pierce the Cybertruck’s exterior with a bow and arrow is certainly one for the books. It’s a testament to the unique charisma and adventurous spirit of both Joe Rogan and Elon Musk, as well as the technological prowess of Tesla’s electric vehicles.

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