WATCH: Jet Lands On Chinese Aircraft Carrier In Secretly-Captured Footage

China tested a fighter jet landing on its maiden Aircraft Carrier and the U.S seems to be spy-stalking the action.

The new video surfaced on the internet in which China’s first aircraft carrier Liaoning embraced the landing of a J-15 strike fighter. The video was reportedly shot from the U.S Navy destroyer USS Mustin spying on the Chinese aircraft carrier from some distance.

The date of the video is not known. However, whatever we heard was probably spoken in English. When the J-15 lands on the carrier at the end of the video, a woman is heard saying, “ooh!”

The video also contains a Type 055 warship classified as a guided-missile cruiser, trails the carrier. The one spying on the Chinese aircraft carrier also zoomed in to shoot a Type 052D guided-missile destroyer, leading the carrier, Liaoning. Both the warships reportedly separated from the strike group before the events in the historic photograph showed Mustin’s commanding and executive officers watching the action from afar.

What remains unanswered is how the video got to the internet if it was shot secretly for spying. The U.S stalking Chinese aircraft carrier got leaked, revealing the US concerns on growing military tech of its potential adversaries. This time, U.S was spying on the aircraft carrier that potentially could hold up to two dozen J-15 strike fighters all at once.

Experts believe that in the future, China will develop around six aircraft carriers, equalling the U.S fleet on waters. The Liaoning, however, is their compact-sized carrier fit for conducting training and tests.

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