Watch The Incredible 22-Year Evolution Of Windows In Just 90 Seconds

You may be a die-hard lover of iOS and Mac, but you can never deny the impact the legendary operating system Windows in the computing world and our lives.

The newer generation only had a look at the latest version of the legendary operating system, but the older ones were not any brilliant, so much that a guy still managed to perform his daily tasks on the Windows 98. Having a look at the older versions will give a nostalgic feel to anyone who has used those systems. The sound effects and the error messages in the background just complete the effect.

The first version of Windows created by Microsoft was launched on November 20, 1985. It remains the most popular OS for personal computers to this date. Watch the video for the amazing transitions that the Microsoft operating system went through in the 22 years since the first release.


  1. James Smith Reply

    FYI, Mac existed before Widows. It was the Mac OS that caused Microsoft to come out with Widows to replace its antiquated command line interface. Check the dates on the release of the first Macintosh comuter and the release of the first version (rather terrible) of Windows. Never mind that the Apple Lisa was there even before the Mac. Please do not post things until you know what you are talking about. It ruins your credibility on all other issues, too.

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