Watch How USAF’s THOR Can Effortlessly Take Out Swarms Of Drones

A new concept video, animated at the moment, released on 8th Jun shows a devastating unprecedented war machine take down a bunch of drones with ease. U.S. Air Force’s Tactical High-power Operational Responder (THOR) has introduced itself to the world and has caused a frenzy amongst high-tech warfare enthusiasts.

The video was created by the AFRL (Air Force Research Laboratory) to display how this deadly new addition to the air force’s arsenal would work in realistic situations.

THOR has been built with future warfare in mind, to counter the threat of enemy drones or other aerial threats.

THOR has been built, siting the same reason and future warfare scenarios at the heart of various air defense systems to counter the threats posed by enemy drones and other aerial intimidations.

What is more terrifying than a silent assassin, a mighty silent assassin? THOR is exactly that, silent and deadly. High-powered microwaves and energy lasers both augment THOR’s ability to counter threats. Both swarms and individual drones would be at the mercy of THOR as they can engage both.

It is still a work in progress. The most fascinating part of the mechanism is that it works by disabling the electronics of the drone, much taking down a person’s nervous system. Deadly, silent, and effective. Specially designed to take down hordes of drones, THOR is set to be a game-changer once inducted in warzones.

“The system output is powerful radio wave bursts, which offer a greater engagement range than bullets or nets, and its effects are silent and instantaneous,” said THOR program manager Amber Anderson.

Built to safeguard air bases, military bases and to protect against aerial attacks the concept was firstly presented at the Kirtland Air Force Base as per Stars and Stripes.

The video does exactly what was required out of it. It shows how the system would work and show the American nation what the state is doing to protect them, said Anderson.

Movable, effective, and lethal THOR is wonderfully conceived. A mere 20-foot long container can house the system, and to your amazement, only 2 people are required to assemble the beast.

In the world, we dwell. Drones are becoming more deadly every passing day. That is why the USAF has been working on developing defense mechanisms. “Drones represent an emerging threat to U.S. military bases, personnel, and infrastructure, and it is THOR’s mission to keep them safe, at close range and from a distance,” Anderson said.

And the U.S. isn’t the only country working on such defense mechanisms. For instance, Israel’s Iron Dome rocket defense system intercepts incoming rockets and drones. And companies like Citadel have worked on AI-powered counter-drone systems that force drones to land autonomously.

The US is not the only country looking towards establishing a potent defense mechanism against drones. Israel’s Iron Dome and Citadel’s AI Base Counter Drone Project, which forces the drones to land via interfering in their system, are examples that show us that the complete defense industry is indulged in developing anti-drone mechanisms.

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