Watch How Ukrainian Soldiers Use Motorcycle Sidecars For A Very Unconventional Purpose – Missile Launches

An anonymous group of Ukrainian soldiers has published a video where they are seen riding at least three motorbikes with sidecars, each equipped with a 9K115-2 Metis-M anti-tank guided missile system.

The Russia-Ukraine conflict has become known for its odd weaponry and unconventional tactical vehicles, but this is the first time we have seen tank-killing firepower coupled with motorcycle-borne troops.

In the footage, the motorists and the vehicles are both visible. Bikes evoking World War II are shown next to six masked soldiers—two for each vehicle. The sidecars have not been upgraded to include launchers, despite the video’s appearance. Instead, they are perched on tripods in the sidecars.

Although a motorcycle with missiles is undoubtedly intriguing, it would be challenging and constrained to make such a setup work operationally. In addition, the back-blast of the missile might not be enough to support such a setup.

This isn’t the first time brave Ukrainians have devised novel methods to use their motorcycles throughout the war. A TikTok video shows a couple of lads grabbing a mortar and carrying it away with their Dnepr went viral in March 2022.

It just serves to demonstrate that, in contrast to what tv ads may have implied, no one tool can perform all tasks. These older technologies, like e-bikes, have certain benefits. The MT-11 was specifically designed to transport up to 260 kg, even though some Dnepr and Ural sidecar machines have carried substantially more weight than suggested. And that is not a tiny amount when it comes to transferring people, goods, or weaponry.

Dneprs were designed for use in warfare, so it’s hardly surprising that they are still helpful weapons in 2022, even though many people have used them for routine, everyday work over the years.

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