Watch How Titanium Compares To Different Metals Under A Hydraulic Press

Sure, we recognize that some metals are more powerful than others. These metals may withstand more force before making their way. This can be difficult to picture; however, tin isn’t going to be the material of choice for someone looking to construct a solid and durable frame. The distinction may be less evident when it comes to the diffrence between elements such as iron and titanium.

Most routine chores can be completed using iron. Titanium is significantly lighter than steel and delivers the same level of strength as steel at only around 40% of the weight, depending on the alloy. Titanium is also biocompatible, meaning that metal may be implanted in the human body with a low chance of rejection.

However, you may be curious to know how titanium performs in real-world strength tests. In a five-metal comparison, the following video pits titanium against aluminum, copper, iron, and tin.

The demonstration may be a bit basic and non-scientific this time. On the other side, the comparison does a fantastic job highlighting the differences between the metals. The Hydraulic Press Channel has a reputation for utterly destroying things with their press for a long time. This time, though, we might be able to learn something.

We put the strength of copper, tin, aluminum, titanium, and iron blocks to the test in this one. The force is measured as the blocks are pressed against the press. It’s much simpler to understand how one block is stronger than the other when each is assigned a number.

With the aid of the tool, we can learn a little bit about different metals. While a basic grasp of these concepts might give us an idea of the results, it also serves as a fun competition. One can’t help but be intrigued by the prospect of seeing how much pressure each metal will be able to withstand.

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