Watch How This Guy Converts A Crowbar Into A Beautiful Sword


Perhaps crowbar is one of the only metallic tools vaguely shaped like a sword. All you need is to hammer the curved end of the long metallic tool to shape it into a hilt and straighten the edge to create a beautiful sword.




The famous YouTuber Miller Knives added a stylish touch to the sword by curving it in a classy style. You can watch the complete video as the lowly crowbar is forged into a sword below:



Nobody could guess that this magnificent blade actually started out as a simple crowbar.



  1. Millie Reply

    It would be a stretch to call that “beautiful.” Heck, it’s quite a stretch to call it a “sword.”

  2. James Smith Reply

    No one could notice? You mean the obvious crowbar handle wouldn’t be a clue? Really? Seriously?

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