Watch How This Amazing LEGO Scale Replica Of A Lamborghini Sian Was Made

Meet this breathtakingly gorgeous Lamborghini Sian FKP 37 that has been made out of 400,000 pieces of LEGO. This beautiful piece of art is enough to be called a “show stopper” as it has been constructed on the concept of a 1:1 scale model. The integration of this LEGO design into the car started back in the summers of last year, and it took about 224 days to complete the design. Not only this, the development of this incredibly amazing and transformed LEGO model of Lamborghini has involved the efforts of “15 design, engineering, and construction specialists from the LEGO team in the Czech Republic”, according to the reports.

Coupled with this, it took about 5370 hours in the development phase and 3920 hours in the production phase. This shows how consistently the team worked on this project, and at last, they have achieved the milestone. The team focused on the tiniest of details while working on the project, and it was not as easy as it sounds. They had to work really hard as their main aim was to construct a model based on the hexagonal shape. By keeping the hexagonal shape in mind, the team had laid the foundation through the LEGO bricks on the outer layer of the car and made it perfectly in shape.

The task of achieving the lines of the road-grading model has been achieved efficiently, thanks to the hexagonal-shape method. The most intriguing part to note here is that this 1:1 scale model has modified the front as well as the rear lights of the car by attiring the lights with the LEGO Technic pieces. Apart from this exciting add-on feature, the pioneering minds have also encapsulated the entire car with the “paint-effect coating” method, and for this purpose, they have used the actual paint of Lamborghini.

It has been said by the team that the paint they have used can be retained for a longer period of time, thereby giving a grandiose look side by side. With all these add-ons, the weight of the car has been increased to about 4850 lbs (2200 kg). However, without these LEGO pieces, the car weighed around 3156 lbs (1595 kg). Until October 6th, the car will be featured at the Museo Automobili Lamborghini in Sant’Agata Bolognese.

Lena Dixen of LEGO said, “Our designers love challenges, so you can imagine how delighted they were when we asked them to work on this model and look at things in a slightly bigger way than usual.”

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