Watch How NASCAR Staged A 130mph Crash To Test Safety Measures

Modifications in cars or even in aircraft were carried out based on the testing of their pioneered models, which ultimately reveals the deficiencies and inadequacies. The manufacturers would then amend the defects identified during the testing (if any). Having said that, a NextGen cup series racer named “NASCAR” executed a crash test for this sports car back in the summer of 2021 by putting a dummy as a driver inside the car, and it has been reported that this crash test dummy has been almost bashed out. It had some impairment when it bumped into a SAFER (Steel and Foam Energy Reduction Barrier). This crash test took place at Talladega Superspeedway and has put the public in great distress as to the safety of the driver. However, the spokesperson for NASCAR said that the car performed pretty well and lived up to their expectations, and only minor changes needed to be made.

Here's How NASCAR Staged a 130-MPH Crash Test for the Next Gen Car

Through this experiment of crash testing, the analysts identified what changes need to be formulated in the NASCAR framework. The prototype hit the barrier at a speed of 130 mph with an angle of 24 degrees. The authorities have recently released the video after a long delay, which shows that there is a modification needed to be carried out on the chassis, which proved to be inelastic and fatiguing during a crash rather than its predicted work. So, the concept of vehicles’ body stiffness has been ruled out and the assembling of the softening framework was decided to put into practice thereby enhancing the efficiency of energy consumption. This modification would also reduce the structural loads on the driver, thus further improving his safety during the dive.

NASCAR’s Managing Director for Safety Engineering, John Patalak stated that “The data we obtained from the test was extremely important and was not possible to get from any crash test facilities at the time.” The test provided valuable information for correlation with our computer crash simulations and confirmed that the predicted vehicle impact performance from the simulation was duplicated in this real-world crash test.”

Some changes related to the rear part of the car have also been formulated, including some off-the-record modifications. But still, there’s a long way to go for the company in order to fully satisfy the targeted audience with its safety because, in the end, decisions will be taken on the parameters of safety considerations and this is exactly what matters the most in the end.

Here's How NASCAR Staged a 130-MPH Crash Test for the Next Gen Car

AB Dynamics, an international provider of simulations for crash tests, clarified further, “This is one of the highest speed crash tests we have ever conducted, and the robots only suffered minor damage.” It really is a testament to the safety of the vehicle, the barriers, and the ruggedness of our product

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