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Watch How Japanese Fixed The 30 Metre Sinkhole In 48 Hours


Remember when we reported the massive Japanese sinkhole that swallowed a huge chunk of a five-lane highway? Well, its been barely a week before the incredibly efficient and well oiled Japanese system sprang into action. And surprise, surprise; it has been fixed like it never happened!

Fukuoka, Japan’s highway saw a freak sinkhole open up on Tuesday last week, one of the largest ever seen. But unlike other countries which would have taken at least 20 “planning officers” , and more than a month to fix this, Japanese again showed their no BS attitude and repaired this 30 metres (98 feet) wide and 15 metres deep in no time!

[Image Courtesy of Twitter]
The sinkhole was thought to have been triggered by a subway construction in the nearby area, and as soon as this happened, the entire area was evacuated as a preemptive measure.

Japanese workers were put to work day and night, and they fixed the horrendous sinkhole in an unimaginably quick time by dumping wet cement and sand into the hole and side by side fixing the supply lines of electricity, gas and water in the area.


The road was opened after performing all the relevant safety checks, at 5 am Tuesday. Fukuoka Mayor Soichiro Takashima issued a statement on this, apologising to the people for the inconvenience.

This is the complete timelapse of the construction!

Thankfully, no one was hurt in this freak accident that occurred on a busy five-lane highway.


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