Watch How Complicated It Is To Fix Giant Construction Machinery Tires


Ever wondered how the massive tires on an earth mover are fixed? As you might have guess it, it certainly is not as easy as your own car’s the video from Extreme Machines Magazine gives a step by step detail on the elaborate steps required to fix even the smallest of tire “injury”.

The $30,000 tire undergoes steps like inspect, buffing, tapering etc. It is also interesting to see how the trained workers cut around the injury and make another hole just to reach the point of concern. At the end, that hole is filled with repairing gum and then stitched to make it good as new. What A “Tiresome” Job!

The actual footage was shot by REMA TIP TOP Company, which is a manufacturer of industrial repair equipment, and amazingly this very specific and technical videos has over 3 million views!


Pretty cool, isn’t it?

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