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Watch How A Car Engine Heats Up As You Start It On A Cold Morning

Living in areas with sub zeros conditions is no less daunting than the dread of the proverbial hell itself. Mustering up the sheer willpower to lift yourself off the warm and comfy bed into the punishing and brutal conditions each day is too daunting a task for a person like me to ever move to such places.

But the struggle doesn’t end there, as besides the multitudes of problems, getting your car ready for another grueling day at work is one of the biggest one! From shoveling out the driveway (which can be made considerably easier with this product) to bearing the pain of sitting in the ice cold seats, it is quite an arduous ask indeed.


No-one can blame you if you want to heat up the interior of the car by warming it up, but is it good for the health of your engine? Does your engine actually needs revving up to be awakened from the chilling depths, and what effect does this practice has on the fluids and frozen metallic parts?

Watch this video to find all about this!