This Video Shows How UAE Authorities Detect Forged Passports At The Airports

A couple of decades ago, it was considerably easier to forge a document to enter another country. But now, the advancing technologies have made it significantly more difficult. As UAE expects an influx of visitors to attend the Expo 2020, authorities are getting way more strict than usual. A Document Examination Center was established at the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigner Affairs (GDRFA) in Dubai five years ago to keep a check on forged documents throughout the Emirates. In these five years, the system has detected 718 fake passports, 23 altered ones, and 417 cases of impersonation.

Director of the Document Examination Center, Aqil Ahmed Alnajjar said that technology continues to evolve to develop new methods for detecting forgery. Dubai airports see an average of 140,000 passengers daily, and that number is expected to rise due to the Expo 2020 where,

“We will see millions of visitors crossing our ports and have to tighten our security. The center is set to be part of the state security system,” says the Alnajjar.

Majority of the passports have nearly 19 distinguishing features to help determine if they are real. Watch the video below to learn how the entire system works to identify the fake documents and impersonators using machinery that uses techniques like ultraviolet and infrared detection.

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