Watch Ford Electric F-150 Truck Pull Over A Million Pounds In This Video

Ford’s Electric F-150 Truck Towed Over A Million Pounds In This Video

Ford has recently given an amazing demonstration of the strength of its electric pickup truck. It had its electric F-150 prototype tow a 10 double-decker rail cars that were filled with forty-two current models F-150s. The combined weight was more than a million pounds (500 tons). Previously, Ford’s best towing vehicle was the 2019 F-150 featuring a 3.5 L twin-turbocharged V6 that was capable of towing 6.6 tons.

Ford’s Electric F-150 Truck Towed Over A Million Pounds In This Video

This is an incredible display that shows just how impressively the electric motors are capable of developing much more torque as opposed to internal combustion engines even at zero RPMs. There is a reason why most of the train locomotives are diesel-electric! Although the electric F-150 does outrun the ICE countermodel, it won’t be a match for the traditional F-150 unit when it comes to the towing time. The ICE model offers a range of 720 miles with its 360gallon tank whereas the longest range of an EV still stands at 335 miles (Tesla Model S). However, Ford has yet to unveil the range that its electric F-150 offers.

Ford’s Electric F-150 Truck Towed Over A Million Pounds In This Video

As for the EV record of pulling the heaviest load; Tesla Model X has that covered. It pulled a 287,000-pound Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner for about 1,000 feet at Melbourne Airport in 2018. Ford is also competing with Rivian’s new RIT pickup truck. However, it should be noted that Ford invested $500 million in the EV company quite recently, thus making this competition a kind of friendly competition. Ford has also announced a collaboration between Volkswagen and itself. Ford will be using the MEB platform of Volkswagen for its electric vehicles.

Ford has stated that the electric F-150 demonstration is a ‘one-time short event demonstration’ that goes ‘far beyond any production truck’s published capacity’. We, on the other hand, consider this a vulgar display of power (yes, we are Pantera fans) by Ford showing just how powerful the future EVs will be!

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