Watch Ex-Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s Dismissive Reaction To The Launch Of The iPhone In 2007

The internet possesses a remarkable ability to resurrect past statements and actions, potentially exposing individuals to the consequences of being proven wrong. This phenomenon is universal, affecting anyone who has left a digital footprint, including prominent figures like former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.

A viral video clip showcases Ballmer’s incredulous reaction to the launch of the first iPhone by Apple in 2007, where he dismissively laughed at its purportedly high price and lack of appeal to business customers due to the absence of a physical keyboard, a feature synonymous with devices targeting professional users at the time.

Ballmer laughed at the iPhone’s launch, but it became a game-changer, revolutionizing smartphones with its user-friendly touchscreen. While rivals like Blackberry focused on business, Apple’s consumer-oriented approach won big.

In the video, he was asked what his reaction was to it, and he can be seen audibly laughing.

The CEO then explained: “$500 fully subsidised with a plan?

“I said that is the most expensive phone in the world and it doesn’t appeal to business customers because it doesn’t have a keyboard, which makes it not a very good email machine.”

Ballmer’s skepticism now seems short-sighted. The iPhone’s immense success made Apple a tech giant, highlighting Ballmer’s error. Despite his confidence in Microsoft’s strategy, the iPhone’s dominance proved him wrong. This underscores the iPhone’s unexpected triumph and Ballmer’s misjudgment.

In a subsequent interview in 2015, Ballmer attempted to contextualize his initial reaction, attributing his laughter to the perceived high price of the iPhone rather than its technological merits. He also conceded that Microsoft should have entered the hardware business, particularly the smartphone market, sooner—a recognition that hindsight often brings.

He also admitted: “We should have been in the hardware business sooner, in the [smart] phone case.”

However, despite his attempts at explanation, the viral nature of the video clip ensured that it became a subject of widespread mockery and criticism online.

The internet remembers everything, and Ballmer’s mistake warns us not to underestimate new technology. People online found it funny that a big tech guy like him was wrong about such an important product.

Some even think it shows how Microsoft sometimes acts too proud and makes bad choices in different markets. Ballmer’s reaction to the iPhone is a lesson: technology can surprise us, and we should always be ready to embrace new ideas. It’s a reminder to stay open-minded when new things come along.

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