WATCH: Engineer Takes Haptic Feeback From Games To Next Level By Attaching A Motor To His Joystick

A man who wasn’t happy with just his joystick vibration installed it with a motor. Now his neighbors confuse it with an earthquake every time he takes a headshot.

Most people believe in if you are doing something, do it to reach the maximum level. But only if the Youtuber who attached a motor to his joystick vibration function knew that this doesn’t apply everywhere.

Unfortunately, the guy took ‘go big or go home’ to his heart. To see how much rumble is actually more, the guy nearly broke his gaming pc.

Jatin Patel is an iOS developer and also runs his own Youtube channel. He has been doing such crazy projects in the too past where he shook things a little too far.

One of his amazing builds was a custom mouse that gave the users the feeling of holding and firing a real gun, thanks to its special engineering.

The video has the guy trying to add a more realistic effect to video games. To achieve the optimum results, he swapped the controller’s vibration with a noisy powerful motor. It is a 2880 rpm inductor motor hence vibrates out of control when he drives the truck or fires rounds of ammunition.

All in all, it was a fun experiment, leaving the part where vibration nearly got everything off the table. It was an easy project but involved the risks of demolishing his own house. Enjoy!

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