Watch Elon Musk Show Off His Dance Skills Again At The German Tesla Factory Opening

The flamboyant CEO of Tesla and SpaceX has gained a reputation that extends well beyond professional circles, Silicon Valley, and the automobile and aerospace sectors over the seasons. It has compelled traditional automakers to produce ecologically responsible electric automobiles. Above all, it has thrown the C-Suite into disarray. Musk is one of the few CEOs who have openly smoked cannabis and confessed flaws when Tesla was having trouble managing manufacturing rate hikes for the Model 3, the company’s entry-level vehicle. The billionaire opened his Berlin ‘giga factory’ by showing off his dancing skills, as part of his eclectic collection of one-of-a-kind items. He did it in front of an intrigued, startled, and happy audience in Shanghai in January 2020.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk poses with Tesla vehicles during the opening day of the Tesla 'Gigafactory' in Gruenheide near Berlin, Germany, 22 March 2022.

This is a special practice that he has recently revitalized. Musk surprised his guests by dancing during the opening ceremony of the Berlin Gigafactory on Tuesday. Several videos of the event, which have been shared on social media, show the entrepreneur in a coat and tie letting go to the beat of the music. He shakes hands and does little leaps to the delight of Tesla employees, buyers waiting to receive the factory’s first cars, and German officials such as Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Economics Minister Robert Habeck.

According to Reuters, Musk commented, “This is a tremendous day for the factory,” before praising the launch as “another step in the evolution of a prosperous approach.” The Tesla CEO reminisced about the company’s Shanghai factory opening in January 2020, where he also demonstrated some dance steps. Tesla had planned to begin production in 2021, but local environmentalists objected, citing concerns over the project’s possible effect on the local drinkable water, woods, and biodiversity. Tesla was given written permission to commence full manufacturing earlier this month by German officials, as long as the business met certain standards regarding water use, air pollution, and other environmental considerations. As per Reuters, some demonstrators obstructed an entry to the facility during its inauguration ceremony, whereas others obstructed a nearby road and slowed traffic for hours thereafter

Tesla’s production is likely to increase this year as a result of the new plant. The number of cars that will be produced is yet unknown, but Tesla may take some time to reach maximum capacity. Tesla’s most modern painting shop is located in the new location. The Berlin Giga factory will be capable of delivering some new and fascinating colors for Tesla.

Elon Musk breaks out the dance moves as he opens new Tesla factory in  Germany

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