WATCH: Couple In Oregon Discover Mammoth Lava Cave Underneath Their House

A Lave Cave is found in a couple’s ten-acre property and no wonder that the size of it is a surprise for those who step into it to explore.

The couple bought the house four years ago, and never happened to trace the hidden treasure of their property, which was the realtor said is a small cave, to which the two never paid much attention. Upon the discovery of the lava tube, it seemed like the realtor for sure got confused and said small cave instead of mentioning a large lava tube.  

The house is situated in Bend, Oregan, the special feature of which remained hidden up until the couple made the fascinating discovery, a large lava tube, big enough to allow a James-sized man to comfortably stand inside.

From its entrance, it seems like a small cave and hence remained unnoticed for so long, however, some parts of the lava tube are so heightened that James wasn’t able to touch the ceiling.

James even hired a professional team in an attempt to learn more about the history of the lava tube and its formation, the team says there are still uncovered and unexplored areas of the cave that are yet to be examined.

Lava tubes are formed as an impact of a lava flow escaping a volcanic vent, naturally formulating cave-like tubes in the ground. Countless of these lava tubes are found on Mars and holds a significant place as provide protection from meteorite rains and radiations on the red planet.

As some scientists’ findings suggest, Mars has vastly spread underground networks of Lava Tubes, some of which are exceptionally large in size.

These lava tubes abundant on Mars, are not so very scarce on earth either, similar lava tubes and caves have been tracked down earlier and their forward exploration is progressing with time.

Brierley’s property is up for sale, and given that an amazing gift of nature comes along the deal, it wouldn’t be a hassle to get attractive offers.

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