Watch Chinese J-15 Fighters Flying Directly Over A U.S. Navy Destroyer In New Video

In honour of the 10th anniversary of the Liaoning’s commissioning, a new video recently shown on state-run China Central Television (CCTV) surfaced in which aircraft carrier Liaoning-based J-15 fighter jets flew over what appears to be an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer on Monday.

According to the CCTV report, two J-15 fighter jets flew above a warship parallel to the latter’s direction of sailing at an unidentified place on an unreported day.

On Monday, Song Zhongping, a Chinese military analyst and TV reporter, informed the Global Times that this warship resembles the features of an Arleigh Burke.

The US Navy operates the Arleigh Burke-class destroyer, and countries including Japan and South Korea also have warships designed based on the Arleigh Burke-class, observers said.

The US Navy operates the Arleigh Burke-class destroyer, and states such as Japan and South Korea have destroyers based on the Arleigh Burke-class, according to observers.

According to Song, Chinese warships and bombers have the authority to identify, track, and monitor foreign vessels that approach and make provocations near Chinese seas or conduct drills.

According to the CCTV report, the Chinese J-15 fighter planes kept a required distance from the foreign vessel, and the Chinese pilots completed the operation safely and professionally.

“China has been training carrier-based pilots for more than a decade, and with training courses becoming increasingly challenging, the pilots are becoming more capable. They have garnered long flight time and are very experienced,” Song said.

Even though the CCTV report did not specify where and when the flyover occurred, a subsequent CCTV broadcast on Sunday, not necessarily covering the same occurrence, stated that during a recent drill in the West Pacific, the Liaoning aircraft carrier group noticed several unknown aircraft coming. To deal with them, several J-15 fighter fighters took off.

Dealing with such scenarios has become regular for the carrier group, according to Chen Jian, commander of an unidentified section of the Liaoning carrier group’s command centre.

Last year, according to CCTV, the aircraft carrier Liaoning performed a replenishment-at-sea operation with the comprehensive supply ship Hulunhu during a remote sea drill in the West Pacific.

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