WATCH: China Has Released A Video Of A Space Station Module Entering Orbit

Another giant space station module leaves earth and enters the orbit.

China recently launched its space station module “TIANGONG” to space completing the first step and paving the path for its building in orbit once the rest pieces reach for installation. It would make the 12th such station on space in all of the space history, the journey that began 50 years ago when Russia launched the first station to space.

Chinese Space Agency released the video of the successful launch in which Tiangong-3 is seen detaching from its launching space rocket to float in the earth’s orbit. To explain the launch in one word, it could be said that it “sailed-smooth.”

The largest module of the upcoming Chinese space station now awaits the next ten rocket launches to carry the supporting tech and parts to be configured in the future for the space station to go active and provide support for future Chinese space ventures.

The Long March-5B rocket carried the largest and the base module to space where it detached from the carrier ship. Top Chinese officials watched the live launch and can be seen celebrating the success in the released video.

Chinese Space Agency stated the future space station is expected to be running and starting its operations by the end of next year once it gets constructed over time. It will then play as a home to space crew members and will become a new orbital laboratory for scientific experiments in space for China. It doesn’t only hold significance to China, as the ISS reaches its retirement, the world needs more of these to support future ventures in space.

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