Watch An Ebike Get Crushed By A Subway Train And Explode Spectacularly

Hope the rental fees covered insurance…

Anything can happen in an instant. Take this video of an electric bicycle for example, that was crushed by an oncoming train after falling into the New York City subway tracks, resulting in a massive explosion and possibly a light show for the passersby.

According to a New York Post, the incident happened at around 10:25 pm on Sunday night when an identified person decided it would be hilarious to throw an electric bike into the subway tracks. (Just your typical day in New York City subway) According to a police representative, “The person caused substantial risk of injury and smoke condition.”

As soon as the bike fell in the tracks, it stood no chance of recovery. The poor bike was hit, not once but twice by two trains, once in each direction so you can predict the aftermath of the incident. Because of the bike’s electric components and batteries, sparks immediately began flying in every direction, followed by the entire subway area filling up with yellow smoke, forcing onlookers to evacuate the area as soon as possible.

The culprit behind the incident has still not been caught. While it could be a very stupid mistake with the person accidentally mowing their bike right into the tracks, the evidence confidently suggests it was more of a prank than an accident. Someone might have had the brilliant idea of seeing what would happen if an electric bicycle was smashed by a train and it didn’t hurt since it was a rental and not their own property. We don’t have to spell it out for you but DON’T TRY TO BE SMART AND THROW BIKES WITH LITHIUM-ION BATTERIES ONTO SUBWAY TRACKS THANK YOU.

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