WATCH: Amazing Google Earth Timelapse Shows How Our Planet Has Evolved Since 1984

We all are evolving, and so is our planet.

Google Earth has just revealed a time-lapse of our planet containing how it has changed over the last three decades.

The short video by Google Earth demonstrates how we have lost tons of greens over the years with increased development throughout the planet. The extraordinary cement construction and tall buildings, and the road networks show somewhat differently from space, changing the view of the earth completely from how it used to be in the 1980s.

It has been marked as the biggest reveal from Google Earth that in a quick action showcases a 3D timelapse of how our planet used to be and how it is now starting from 1984 till 2020.

Google Earth, for years, has been one of a kind tool, with no replacements for it. It allows viewers to zoom in, possibly anywhere in the world. Ranging from zooming in to a person’s own residence to seeing around the White House, it makes it all possible with a few clicks.

You may go on a trip to the mountains, and you may see the northern lights. It makes it all possible, allowing you to venture around the world with being all convenient and comfy right from your bedroom. Google Earth is loved by many. However, the love wasn’t enough for the team, which is why they have introduced another cool feature containing 3D renderings of how the earth evolved and changed over the last three decades.

The interesting time-lapse is a combination of pictures from NASA and EU satellites taken every 3 days. The images from 30 years are stitched together to quickly take the viewers on a history trip showing how earth used to be like and how humans have changed it.

Natural forces like earthquakes, tsunamis, and flooding combined change our geography. But noteworthy is that they are not the only contributors. Our planet is also impacted by human development at large. The time-lapse exactly demonstrate this change, and human accelerated climate change is on full display.

The video shows disappearing forests, evolving coastlines, and massive artificial islands, which we now know as Dubai. The transforming of massive sea bodies and water changing its passageways all look incredible caught from satellites in space. The way earth glows now in the dark is a lot different from how it was in the 80s, counting in the massive development that took place over time.

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