Watch Action Man Launch From A Rocket-Powered Ejection Seat

Youtube channel “ProjectAir” just shows a 3D printed model version of an ejection seat, and most amazingly, it is rocket-powered. Conventional ejection seats mostly used a spring system that worked wonders or a compressed gas system to make a safe ejection from the crashing aircraft.

This pretty risky venture to the sky ended up safely with everything landing on the ground as planned. The experiment saw a pilot attached to an ejection seat shooting off into the sky, followed by the parachute’s unfolding and the seat dropping away from the pilot as he safely lands on the ground.

It is interesting seeing him tell the story of his first two failed attempts to lift off in the sky, and then finally succeeding in the third attempt. The final version saw a lift-off from a plane drone, followed by the desired landing perfectly.

The guy made the liftoff more fascinating to watch by adding an action figure to the whole experiment. And what action figure could have done better than Action Man in his youtube video.

The reason for using rocket ejectors was as they are the most prevalent in modern fighter jets, and most of the audience would want to see how this system works. It functions in a much simpler way than the previously used ejection methods and is more versatile in action.

The maiden launch attempt did not go as desired and even made the Action Man suffer from some injuries, something which would have been scary if the venture featured a real human. However, equipping the ejection seat with oversized motors did the trick in the third attempt.

Watch the full video below and look for yourself what happens next when the Action Man takes off on a model plane.  

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