Watch A YouTuber’s Iron Man Prototype Suit Firing A Real Repulsor Blaster

In DIY superheroes, Russian YouTuber Alex Burkan is turning fantasies into reality, going beyond mere cosplay upgrades. This isn’t your typical cardboard arc reactor; Burkan is crafting a genuine Iron Man suit equipped with repulsors, exoskeletons, and enough firepower to impress even Pepper Potts.

Burkan, known for his Guinness World Record for the first working retractable lightsaber, has ventured into a new world of nerdy nirvana with the Iron Man Mark II suit. Picture a self-powered hydrogen reactor humming in the chest, bulletproof armor transforming the wearer into a walking tank, and an exoskeleton making lifting Humvees seem like child’s play. Add a repulsor upgrade that channels Captain America vibes, and you’ve got a superhero starter kit fit for a Tony Stark enthusiast.

Though still a work in progress, akin to Iron Man’s pre-Avengers workshop phase, the suit already showcases its capabilities. A recent Instagram post reveals Burkan cold-thrust testing the repulsor, unleashing a hydrogen and oxygen blast that has him stumbling back. “Got some doubts about hot tests,” Burkan admits, “because God gave me no spare parts.” The blast’s power is evident, potentially enough to melt the skepticism of even the most critical tech enthusiasts. Burkan shares his 3D printing upgrades on his YouTube channel, documenting the evolution of his prototype suit.

The internet’s response was explosive, with some hailing Burkan as the patron saint of frustrated engineers, offering hope to those who traded wrenches for keyboards. Others likened the video to scenes straight out of Iron Man 2, convinced they were witnessing a deleted scene. Inevitably, nitpickers questioned the repulsor’s true power based on Burkan’s impromptu moonwalk during the test.

Even Tony Stark faced setbacks before mastering flight, and Burkan similarly pushed the boundaries between superhero fantasy and real-world engineering. When he eventually takes to the skies in his homemade metal bird, be prepared to pick your jaw up off the floor as DIY superhero aspirations reach new heights.

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