Watch A YouTuber Strap A Rocket Engine To A Christmas Tree And Launch It

The BPS Space channel on YouTube showed a rocket-powered Christmas shooting off at an altitude of 300 feet. A fascination, a spectacular sight, and for some, the metaphorical appropriation of the fact that we shoot over to our loved ones during the holidays leaving behind our routine, just the way the Christmas tree took off, leaving behind its ground.

A group of engineers working in different organizations as aerospace engineers came together to create the sight. The Christmas tree was sent off at an altitude of 300 feet over the Mojave desert in California; searing through the clear blue desert sky, it was a sight to behold. Some would argue a perfect send-off to the stressful and anxiety-laden 2021.

BPS Space’s designers did experience several setbacks along the road.

“The thing with amateur rocketry is that it’s amateur rocketry,” rocketeer Joe Barnard said in the video. “Sometimes  things don’t work on the first try, and sometimes they don’t work on the second try, and sometimes they don’t work on the third try.”

On the fourth attempt, though, everything went smoothly. The LED-filled Tannenbaum whirled many fake presents attached to its base as it launched into the air.

Moreover, the team is also selling “Season’s Yeetings” Christmas ornaments that flew into the air while linked to the tree to raise funds for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Let’s hope that 2022 brings with it all what is best for humanity and provides us respite from what have been two stressful pandemic-stricken years. Maybe the flying Christmas tree would take away with it all that is grim and agonizing.

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