Watch A Youtuber Put A Homemade Jet Engine On His Bicycle


Building a jet engine entirely from scratch is something that even the most daring DIY-ers would be terrified to attempt.

Integza, however, is a bit different from your regular scientists.

He modified a simple bicycle to have its own leaf blower-turned jet propeller system. The jet engine, driven by butane gas, was created by Integza using a leaf blower to provide a constant stream of air mixed with the fuel.

First, he mounted a piece of wood to the bike’s back so the leaf blower and jet engine could be placed there. The YouTuber then used more components, including a metal flue, to build the primary housing for the jet engine. Later, he devised a strategy for condensing, liquefying, and delivering butane gas to the jet engine. Finally, at the rear of his old bicycle, Integza assembled the primary jet engine and placed all the components there.

This is an unusual design for a jet engine, and Integza has labelled it an “electric jet engine.”

A compressor is located at the front of a standard jet engine. Then there’s a turbine towards the engine’s back end. A shaft connects the turbine to the compressor, which assists in keeping the compressor spinning.

This means the engine can run on its own even when there isn’t much air flowing through it. However, Integza employed an electric motor rather than a turbine for its homemade jet engine.

After the YouTuber assembled all the necessary components, he did many trials and tribulations. Finally, his jet engine-powered bicycle was ready for some real action.

Although this jet engine-powered bicycle is captivating, it is only the most recent addition to Integza’s growing list of marvels. He built a DIY turbojet out of 3-D printed pieces a year ago. He was able to make that one function as well after some observation and experimentation.

He also displayed his Dyson bladeless fan turned-jet engine and several different CO2-cooled and water-cooled jet engines.

Last year, he built an aerospike hybrid rocket engine with homebrew parts and techniques. This one also worked, but with much trial and error, similar to his turbojet.

Integza appears to enjoy experimenting with his own jet and rocket engines. Who knows what strange homebrew gadget he’ll invent next?


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